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Taking the stress out of your kitchen, the original and best Halogen Oven means delicious, even cooking every time, delivering that great oven-baked taste with the convenience of a microwave. Giving extra oven space and mouth watering results, our energy efficient, portable oven will cook, bake and grill almost any food to absolute perfection. It also allows fat to drain for healthier meals. And best of all, the unique self cleaning function means no washing up!
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Halogen Oven

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1400W POWER - This Daewoo halogen air fryer delivers a powerful 1300w output for a fast and efficient cooking while the extender ring adds more space for you to cook

VARIABLE TIMER - The handy inbuilt 60 minute variable timer allows you to set your timer for when it suits you to start cooking - Ideal for busy people on the move and for perfect results ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL - Adjustable temperature control ensures your food is cooked correctly and perfectly. Variable temperature controls ranging from 125℃ to 250℃ SELF-CLEANING FUNCTION - To clean your air fryer simply fill with warm, soapy water, set to the self clean function and watch it work - Nice and clean and ready to use for next time ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - The Daewoo air fryer comes with an extender ring, lid stand, oil bottle, 2 mesh trays andhigh and low rack set of tongs so you're ready to go and fry your food for the perfect dishes

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